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Nostr Talks with Hodlbod on Coracle.Social

Nostr Talks with Hodlbod on Coracle.Social

How pragmatic versus ideological should we be when building decentralized tools?

Hodlbod was so early to building in this space that he almost built a competing social media protocol, but once he found Nostr he decided it was sufficient for his needs. So instead he built one of the first big Nostr clients called Coracle. He’s excited about pushing the art forward on building for community and messaging use-cases and is “going all-in” on building on Nostr.

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0:00 Hodlbod on his nostr journey

9:18 Relays with topics, read/write rules

14:38 Coracle

22:17 Search

26:16 NIP-95 - relays as images hosts

31:30 Decentralization and pragmatism

39:46 Relays should have routing function for things like search services

46:20 Coracle’s future - FUTO fellowship

52:05 Bluesky vs. Nostr

1:01:25 Hodlbod’s decision to “go all-in”

1:13:00 Blowwater -

1:18:10 Source control idea

1:20:00 OpenSats

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