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Nostr Talks: Hodlbod round 2

Nostr Talks: Hodlbod round 2

Christianity in Nostr, Commoditization of relays, Subreddit-like things on Nostr

I got a chance to catch up with Hodlbod, one of the original client developers on Nostr. We started by talking about how he sees his work on Nostr through the lens of Christianity (and his new podcast Thank God For Nostr which goes deeper on that). We also went deeper to discuss how much relay selection should be visible to users and how relay commoditization and competition might work in the future. Finally we did a deep brainstorm around relays and how they could fit into a Subreddit-like/Zine-like thing on Nostr.

1:05 Thank God For Nostr

5:50 Ira Glass - on creative work

9:51 Christianity and Nostr

30:30 Relay selection and visibility

39:49 Commoditization of relays

51:58 Gossip model

1:08:53 Subreddit-like things/Zines on Nostr

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