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Boardwalk Cash with Bob Scully on Nostr Builders Jam with DK

Boardwalk Cash with Bob Scully on Nostr Builders Jam with DK

How do we make UX with Bitcoin payments better?


  • eCash is a layer on top of Bitcoin that aims to improve the user experience of Bitcoin payments

  • Static messages in eCash allow for one-click payments without the need for complex invoice processes

  • Stable eCash tokens enable the representation of stable value on top of Bitcoin

  • Boardwalk Cash is a platform that facilitates the sending and receiving of eCash tokens Boardwalk Cash allows users to send money easily by creating tokens and withdrawing to a Lightning address or invoice.

  • Mints can be trusted or swapped, depending on the user's preference.

  • Sharing a link is a convenient way to send eCash to someone, and they can claim it by clicking the link.

  • Boardwalk Cash has various use cases, including incentivizing engagement on social media platforms. Nostr has the potential to be used for digital payments and tips through zaps and a zap wallet that is dollar-denominated.

  • Using recognizable currencies like USD in Nostr can help overcome the hurdle of understanding and using Bitcoin.

  • The stable cash feature of Nostr bridges the gap between stablecoins and Bitcoin, allowing for limited volatility and easy adoption.

  • Remittances and incentivizing engagement through payments are potential use cases for Nostr.

  • Platforms like Discord can benefit from integrating Nostr for easy and instant payments. Mints can be tailored to specific functionalities or user needs, ranging from mints that support all features to mints that focus on specific use cases.

  • Relay operators can play a role in the eCash ecosystem, potentially running mints or providing specific functionalities like storing messages.

  • Open source components are important for the growth of eCash, but there are also opportunities for commercial models to drive adoption and fund marketing efforts.

  • Targeting new users and creating experiences that demonstrate the benefits of eCash over traditional payment systems is crucial for adoption.

  • Potential use cases for eCash include Discord payments, game shows, and AI agents.

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Curious DK
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