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Artur Brugeman on and more with DK

Artur Brugeman on and more with DK

I learned the basics of Blossom, too, and I'm into it
  • is a web-based solution for key management in the Nostr ecosystem.

  • It implements the Nostr Connect protocol, allowing users to remotely access their keys.

  • The goal of is to simplify key management for new users and make it more accessible.

  • Other apps, such as Amber Android app and Gossip client, also support Nostr Connect.

  • The conversation discusses the idea of usernames and the onboarding process for new users. allows users to log in to various apps using their Nostr keys

  • provides customization options for app developers

  • Nostr can be used as an identity layer for non-interactive apps

  • Future roadmap includes features like importing existing keys and a hosted version of

  • Open source development allows for long-term focus and collaboration.

  • Blossom is a protocol for decentralized media serving that ensures censorship resistance and verifiability.

  • npubs can be used to abstract away the traditional DNS system and create a more Nostr-native internet.

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Curious DK
Nostr Talks
Nostr is a simple open source messaging protocol. But its potential impact on how we communicate, publish, and share information is profound. It radically reshapes our assumptions about web publishing and opens up new frontiers in free speech - a web without masters. Along the way it explores radical new approaches to product innovation, too. In this podcast I interview people building this future and host weekly news shows to keep you updated on what's happening in the Nostr ecosystem.
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