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Nostr Talks: Jeff G on and Nostr education

Nostr Talks: Jeff G on and Nostr education

Nostr in the mountains of Italy, Lists as a new primitive on Nostr, NDK, and more...

Jeff G is no stranger to the nostr development community. We first met in person at Nostrica earlier this year. This was fun to finally lay down a video together where we cover his move from the US to Italy and how his orange/purple-pill is going in his remote mountain village. We also learned about his beliefs on how we can help Nostr succeed faster, how he decided to go “all-in” on Nostr, what he’s building with Listr, and his ideas to spur education and to improve developer experience with NDK.

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0:00 moving from the US to the mountains in Europe

6:10 orange/purple pilling the neighbors in Italy/EU

11:00 attract developers/designers/creators instead of regular “users”

21:25 going all-in on Nostr

31:47 venture funding, grants, consulting… many paths

36:29 educational resources for nostr

38:14 Lists on Nostr

46:57 progressive decentralization possible?

51:01 data is the new “oil” or “liability”

55:05 Listr as micro-app vs. site

59:16 Keystr - key management with everything orchestrated as a micro-app

1:03:00 NDK - Nostr Development Kit

1:05:25 onboarding new users

1:10:10 onboard developers

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