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Nostr and Freedom Tech with my pseudonymous friend “Nout”

Nostr and Freedom Tech with my pseudonymous friend “Nout”

The two sides of freedom tech

“Nout” is a pseudonymous friend of mine. He moves around the internet without revealing his true identity as a way to learn about, test, and to help ensure these tools for freedom are accessible to people who may have an urgent need to use them.

Why is Nostr exciting to you if it’s not privacy-oriented?

2 types of information:

1. Information that should never get exposed

2. Information that should never be suppressed

Each plays an important role in Freedom Tech. Nostr is focused on the second.

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Curious DK
Nostr Talks
Nostr is a simple open source messaging protocol. But its potential impact on how we communicate, publish, and share information is profound. It radically reshapes our assumptions about web publishing and opens up new frontiers in free speech - a web without masters. Along the way it explores radical new approaches to product innovation, too. In this podcast I interview people building this future and host weekly news shows to keep you updated on what's happening in the Nostr ecosystem.
Join me to learn about these new tools to build a more open Internet and to empower greater human freedom.
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