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Fedimint and Nostr with Eric Yakes and Don

Fedimint and Nostr with Eric Yakes and Don

2:02 Different lenses to view Fedimint - custodial hardware, programmability, ecash, privacy

4:34 Fedimint solves community custody - midway between exchange or full self-custody

6:00 What is eCash?

7:11 Digicash - David Chaum

14:39 Eric’s early concern about Fedimint

17:24 bitcoin scalability problems

19:00 scale of Fedimint operations

23:42 programmability use-cases

33:20 Fedimint protocol ecosystem and history

36:10 Fedi’s (the company) potential business

39:45 fiat rails integration

42:40 Fedimint early communities

43:25 Eric Yakes’ interest in this research

46:32 Don and Eric’s bitcoin-focused venture fund

47:25 Nostr relevance

50:55 business models

54:45 Nostr relays

56:40 challenges with Lightning Network

57:40 investing models in the ecosystem

1:05:00 milestones for Fedimint

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Curious DK
Nostr Talks
Nostr is a simple open source messaging protocol. But its potential impact on how we communicate, publish, and share information is profound. It radically reshapes our assumptions about web publishing and opens up new frontiers in free speech - a web without masters. Along the way it explores radical new approaches to product innovation, too. In this podcast I interview people building this future and host weekly news shows to keep you updated on what's happening in the Nostr ecosystem.
Join me to learn about these new tools to build a more open Internet and to empower greater human freedom.
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