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I'm an entrepreneur and angel investor with over 2 decades of experience in Silicon Valley building relationships, technologies, and products to improve peoples' lives.

I joined Google a few years after they launched the original search engine and primarily led a team working on machine learning for advertising products. I left Google to pursue social networking projects and I created one of the first profitable social gaming networks which served 45 million players. We sold it to Walt Disney, Co. in 2010.

I’ve invested in the first rounds of dozens of startup technology companies, including many which have gone on to be valued in excess of a billion dollars. A sampling of my investments and advisory positions are the following: Color Genomics, Clubhouse, Cambly, Quora, Opendoor, Faire, Newfront Insurance, Mercury Bank, Anchorage, Good Molecules, and many more.

I love to organize communities, interview people, and write what I'm learning as I follow new interests.

I share what I'm learning about nostr, bitcoin, and startups I think are interesting.

I also support "Founders You Should Know" as emcee, company curator, and sometimes video-editor.

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I share what I'm learning about technology including nostr, bitcoin, and startups I think are interesting.


startup storyteller, nostr/bitcoin student, early googler, always curious